What are some things that make Indians feel proud?

8 Apr

Answer by Prashanth Laxman:

Holding an Indian passport in Yemen had more value that holding an American passport.
America remained almost oblivious and did nothing to protect its citizens in Yemen when there is continuing fighting between the Shia Houthi rebels and the Saudi Arabia-led coalition of 10 nations. Furthermore, Jamal al-Labani, a 45-year-old US citizen had hoped to bring his pregnant wife and 2-year-daughter back to the United States from war-torn Yemen. The 45-year-old al-Labani was on his way back from mosque prayers when he was hit in the back by shrapnel from a mortar shell. He died minutes later.

The picture of the US citizen and his two-year-old daughter.
This is US State Department travel advisory:

The level of instability and ongoing threats in Yemen remain severe. There are no plans for a U.S. government-coordinated evacuation of U.S. citizens at this time. We encourage all U.S. citizens to shelter in a secure location until they are able to depart safely. U.S. citizens wishing to depart should do so via commercial transportation options when they become available. Keep vital records and travel documents close at hand; U.S. citizens should be prepared to depart at a moment’s notice. The airports are currently closed, but may open unexpectedly; other unforeseen opportunities to depart may also suddenly arise.  Additionally, some foreign governments may arrange transportation for their nationals and may be willing to offer assistance to others. There is no guarantee that foreign governments will assist U.S. citizens in leaving Yemen. U.S. citizens who choose to seek foreign government assistance in leaving Yemen should only do so if they can safely make their way to the point of embarkation and have received confirmation that there is space available. Even if assured there is space aboard transportation, U.S. citizens should be aware that there is no guarantee that they will be permitted to board the transport, or may have to wait an indefinite period until they can do so. There is also no guarantee of where travelers will go.

India on the other hand had a challenging task. There were over 3000 Indian citizens more than the number of US citizens in Yemen. PM Narendra Modi personally spoke to Saudi King Salman, New Delhi was allowed a 3-4 hour window during which its planes flew into Yemeni airspace to pick up evacuees from Sana. Ex Army General VK Singh personally went to Yemen to oversee the operation.

Courtesy: Zee media
Moreover, Kerala Government is giving Rs.2000/- to each passenger arriving in Kochi. Maharashtra Government is giving Rs.3,000/- to each passenger arriving in Mumbai. Indian Railways are providing all hospitality and confirmed tickets free of charge for onward journey to their home

Courtesy: The Economic Times

Operation code named Operation Raahat, haven’t gone unnoticed. As on April 6, 23 countries have requested Indian assistance in evacuating their citizens in Yemen.

Some of the Indian nationals’ passports were held by their employers. Indian embassy intervened and got back their passport as well.

Read more at:
How Narendra Modi government rescued 3,500 Indians from war zone Yemen – The Economic Times

What are some things that make Indians feel proud?

Why are some Indians so furious about the BBC documentary ‘India’s Daughter’? Why did the government of India ban this documentary film?

13 Mar

Answer by Suchi Dey:

I think I can tell you exactly why! But first, let me tell you a story…

A couple of days back, I hired an Uber cab to go to a mall in Calcutta to meet some friends. The journey was about 40 minutes long and I was travelling alone. About 20 minutes into my journey, the driver asked me, "Madam, would you mind giving me a 5 star rating for this trip?"
 I said, "No, I don't mind. I will. But why do you ask suddenly?"

He replied with a sad, long face, "Madam, a few days back two lady passengers gave me extremely poor rating, dropping my rating to 2 stars."
When I asked why, this is what he said..
"At around 11.30 PM, I picked up two lady passengers from Quest mall. They were both extremely drunk. One was falling over the other. They sat in the car and started talking about their personal stuff aloud. They were talking about things that made me uncomfortable as a man. But that was still okay. Then they opened up cans of beer and started smoking too. I warned them.. "unko bola, yeh sab nahi chalega gaadi me" but they did not listen.

At one point, it was enough for me. I asked them to stop immediately or I would call Uber office and get their accounts blocked. Then they got angry and started calling me idiot, stupid and what not. They cursed me in english too. (In his thick Bihari accent it sounded funny to an extent, but I saw him weigh his every single word and it made drop dead sense)

Then I asked him, "what did you do then?"
He said, "I made myself to drop them till their home. I did not want to. But still, I did."

I'm sure you get the point of the story. That was my taste of a featured interview with an Indian man.

You ask why India is furious?? Here's why –

On International Women's day, the entire world is going to see a highly skewed picture of India and Indian men. Our men are not male chauvinists. They are supportive to women in equal measure. They are rational, responsible, sensible, protective and sensitive. We all know it, we all live and laugh with them. India's daughters' don't give a fuck about what a rapist has to say about men, women and culture. They just want him to be hanged!

Thanks for A2A.
Thanks all of you for sharing your responses and opinions.
This is a very sensitive issue – the issue of rape. Hence, I will cut short my response within limits of reasoning and statistics, not allowing for any emotional bias.

Okay, so you all are justified in all of your concerns. I have them too.

I said the documentary presents a "highly skewed" picture of India and Indian mentality perpetuating rapes.
Some people said, "No! Indian men and their mentality alone are majorly responsible for rapes."

I have nothing but some statistics to highlight here.

Guess which country is the rape capital of the world? It's one of our fav. countries.I'll tell you- it's USA.

"In India, a country of over 1.2 billion people, 24,206 rapes were reported in 2011.  The same year in the United States, a nation of 300 million, 83,425 rapes were reported. In the United States, every 6.2 minutes a woman is raped."

Source: www.more.com, India not ‘rape capital of the world’

Moreover,India with its sick mentality and chauvinist men seem to take the issue of rape pretty seriously. Here you go…

"According to the Guardian, just 7% of reported rapes in the U.K. resulted in convictions during 2011-12. In Sweden, the conviction rate is as low as 10%. France had a conviction rate of 25% in 2006. Poor India, a developing nation with countless challenges, managed an impressive 24.2% conviction rate in 2012. That’s thanks to the efforts of a lot of good people — police, lawyers, victims and their families — working heroically with limited resources."

Source: TIME MAGAZINE ARTICLE: Why Rape Seems Worse in India Than Everywhere Else (but Actually Isn’t) | TIME.com

India features nowhere in the list of Top ten countries with highest rates(r/100,000) of rape.This statistic gives a clearer picture than if we see the total number of reported rapes, as the total goes higher with the population.

Source: http://www.statisticbrain.com/ra…

I would rather like to see few more documentaries along with this one, namely "USA's daughters" and of course "UK's daughters".

Finally, about the ban.
Well, when my nation's and half of its population's image is dragged and stretched to fit stereotypes. I am certainly not okay.
BBC airs its shows on radio, TV and other mass reaching media outlets. Some of our countrymen unfortunately are not educated enough to debate and discuss like us. They might take it in a way which is unhealthy, hatred-prone and anti-social. Why take that risk when frankly the video gave us nothing new, except a rapist narrating his story as the voice of Indian mindset.
I support the ban. That's my opinion. You all are free.

This would be my only edit as I see no point in stretching a sensitive issue beyond a respectable point.

Why are some Indians so furious about the BBC documentary 'India's Daughter'? Why did the government of India ban this documentary film?

Huston….Our GRUB needs to be rescued….

15 Jan Grub Rescue prompt

Hello all,

After so long time i am writing a new blog post. This post is about recent error i encountered on my dual boot machine. What i did was made some changes in my hard disk partitions. After that i restarted my pc and we had to call Huston!!!!

It was GRUB rescue which greeted me. GRUB rescue is linux-alike command prompt with limited commands. What went wrong is as i have changed partitions, it lost all it references to GRUB`s configuration file. Now i had two options. One was get bootable CD/DVD/PenDrive of Linux and reinstall GRUB. That was not possible for me as i didn’t have another machine to prepare any of such media. So i have to use GRUB rescue and get it running.

So i started like this. The problem was GRUB lost references to hard disk partitions. The solution coud be point grub to new partitions. With this in mind i started to search where is grub actually located on my hard disk.

Grub Rescue prompt

Grub Rescue prompt

After little Googling i came to know that i can use “ls” to list all my hard disk partitions with numbers. It goes as follows.

grub rescue> ls

grub rescue> (hd0), (hd0,msdos8), (hd0,msdos9), (hd0,msdos6), (hd0,msdos7)

Your output may be different but it should be like (hdX,msdosXX). Here big X after hd shows the number of storage attached with machine. One can have hd1, hd2 if more than one storage is attached with the machine. The msdos part says that the partition type is of msdos. It can also be different.

Lets move on. After using ls command we have to find where is GRUB. This can be done using suffix /boot.

grub rescue>ls (hd0)/boot

…. some error/not found

grub rescue>ls (hd0,msdos8)/boot

…. some error/not found

grub rescue>ls (hd0,msdos9)/boot

…. list of files like inintrd.img, vmlinuz and others…

Finally, Found it…

So my GRUB files are in msdos9. Now we just have to boot from here. Lets tell GRUB to boot from msdos9. Just follow below given small commands.

grub rescue> set root=(hd0,msdos9)

grub rescue> set prefix=(hd0,msdos9)/boot/grub

grub rescue> insmod normal

grub rescue> normal

Thats it…After writing last command you should see regular grub prompt. One final thing left.

Go to your linux command prompt and follow these commands. We are reinstalling grub with new references.

sudo grub-install /dev/sda

( In case, you have multiple storage installed, you have to find on which storage you are supposed to install GRUB. In my case i was installing on “sda”. ).

Now it`s time to say..

Huston we are up and running. Earth looks nice from here….

#GRUB #GRUB2 #rescue #grubrescue #Linux #reinit

Install Software/Package in Ubuntu and Backup for Future Use or Share With Friends…

2 Apr

Hello there.

Today i am going to tell you how you can share softwares form your ubuntu system to your friends or just back up for yourself for future use.Just make sure that the version is exactly same.For example use softwares from ubuntu 12.04 for 12.04 only,else you may encounter unseen errors.One final note:You always learn by playing around,so never hesitate to try your wildest idea.

So here is how you do it.

The softwares you install via Ubuntu Software Center or Terminal Or Synaptic on any damm way you can think,it all goes to /var/cache/apt/archives.Aptitude Path  Here you will find all the files for the packages you have installed so far.

Clean all this by typing following in terminal:sudo apt-get clean

apt cleanThis will delete all files from /var/cache/….. folder.


Now lets install a new software.For Example synapse.Its one of its kind shortcut utility for launching applications.

Go to software Center and install….

software centersynaptic

Select Synapse,i.e. Second entry in screenshot,and install it via left side button.It will take time depending on your INTERNET speed.

Once installation is finished,go to terminal and type following

sudo nautilus

it will ask for the password.give your login password.you will have ubuntu file manager with root privileges.Now navigate to /var/cache/apt/archives.

Copy all files in any folder.Now you can share that folder.All you have to do is put back all files in /var/cache/apt/archives and install the software via Software Center,and that also is possible in off line mode.


Offline Package/Software installation in Ubuntu

30 Mar

Hello there,

You are probably here to see how to install software/package into ubuntu system which is not connected to internet via any mean.Follow the given trick.This applies to any ubuntu with Synaptic installed.


  1. Goto Software Center and search for synaptic.(For first step you need internet.For the rest you can work without internet for life time!!).Its Synaptic Package manager.Install it.
  2. For some older Ubuntu releases,its pre installed.
  3. Once you got Synaptic,you can download all package you want from other pc with internet.Let it be windows system.Synaptic Mark
  4. Now open synaptic package manager.Give your login password,when asked.
  5. Search for package you want to install.Synaptic Search
  6. Mark it,now go to file menu and then select Generate package download script.Synaptic Save
  7. Save this script in some folder.Its advised to save it in new folder with given package name.SynapticGen
  8. Now this script file can be opened in notepad or even download managers like Internet Download manager or Free Download Manager can open it.
  9. Download all packages in the folder which you saved your script.In short all your downloaded packages and that script should be in same folder.
  10. Now get that folder in your ubuntu system.
  11. Open Synaptic,goto file>add downloaded packages.
  12. Select your folder and your packages will be installed.

Some times Synaptic may not show package you want in the search.In this case you have to add repository in synaptic.I am going to write tut for that soon.Remember Google is your friend.

Beyond Facebook;At world`s end….

21 Jul

Welcome to Techtales..

Let me tell you a story.

In the long pas,where kings and queens lived with their horses and armies,there was a common man lived like us in the corner of a city in his not so great house.He had a donkey and that animal was only living thing in his family.(As in all other stories we dont know what the hell happened with other family members and from where did he and his donkey came from.)

So he had donkey.He used to wake up early in the mornings,collect fruits from woods and go out in market to sell it.(Now again dont ask that if he used to sell fruits,which he got for free,why did others not doing same?).Now the rule of the city where he lived was that each vendor in the market has to pay a tax on day to day basis whenever you come inside market for selling your stuff.So this was routine.Wake up,collect fruits,pay tax,sell fruit and come back.

One day unexpected thing happened.He was not allowed to enter the market.He asked why,offered double tax then cried and asked and so on.But he was not allowed to enter in the market.The guards at the gate has very firm orders.NO FRUITS inside market.Somebody said to king that this fruits which are collected from woods are not good and must not be sell into the market.(The king didnt know about Intellectual property law or DMCA and all other crap but still he banned that man!!!)So only “branded” fruits(!) were available in market.

Now for that man something has to be done.He thought,and thought and thought,till many times sun rose from the east and set in the west,he thought.and then he got idea.Next day he woke up on his usual time went into woods and came back at market.this time he was not having fruits.he came riding his donkey.as he had nothing to sell,he is not supposed to pay tax.went inside market.thats it.Next day same thing happened.He came riding his donkey and he keep coming and on one mighty day when the god`s own day arrived and sun rose from east and about to set in west,he was tired and he had known that its his last time.He wrote this story on a piece of paper.

At that day the the truth came out.how he survived and made money and lived his life fully.He used to wake up,went inside wood and catch a new donkey everyday.then sell it.Come back home and pass the time with his own donkey!!!!


We liked facebook.so did orkut on some day.Whats this all about.Some people says that its our unsatisfied desires,some says its human nature to look into somebody`s life.But i say its big business.if he is not selling anything then it means he is selling his donkey.If facebook is free,the from where did money come from?Its us(Donkeys????).Its “we” what they sell.What we like,what we share and what not.one thing you can say,nothing is private.you go in terms and conditions for using facebook and you find it all.

That was some thing about facebook.Here i am telling whats beyond it?If its human nature to look into other`s life,its human nature too to get bored.There is google+,there is twitter,but nobody is famous as facebook.They say no one can compete facebook,i say there is no one to take a place if on some day facebook loss its charm.Its huge gap.So there is a space to come inside.If you know coding,start coding today.You might be next youngest billionaire.

But still social networks is the greatest invention,INTERNET ever gave us. Beyond facebook,there are lots social networks out there in net.Check out this link:http://mashable.com/2007/10/23/social-networking-god/

This list will help you where you can go,leaving your facebook….

and finally visit here to see what if you think there is more on INTERNET then google shows you…


Leave comments…


Do Batman-The Dark Knight can go to jungle and just keep walking or do our spidy(The Amazing Spiderman) can fight with apes or do any Avenger or X-Man has stone that can float or swim?

13 Jul MAY073814
Batman vs Superman
This is not my time pass article.I really appreciate 
Deepak Chopra and Shekhar Kapur.Why?Read ahead,
you too will.

Like most of us, When I opened my eyes first time on 
this world,when I was just some days old first thing I 
seen in front of me is TV.I raised with ZEE and Sony 
tv and now I like VH1 and other music channels most.
Again like most of us,i am die hard fan of Hollywood 
and waiting for Dark Night rises since a year.


So whats new in this?One more similarity between 
you and me. I never read whole Ramayana or Mahabharata,
although I have heard lots of stories from it but never
read full. As we all know Ramayana is great story,
for this small talk,lets put spiritual values aside,
still its great.It has ability to compete the world.
many people found it and tried to present it in front 
of the world in their own way.

Today is world of Super Heros.All Batman,Spiderman 
and Man of steel-Superman around us.Also if you are 
lucky to get your hands on some seasons
(Like “serials” we have here,Kyu ke saas and kahani 
ghar ghar ki 
etc...) which are aired on European and American tv 
channels,you will find your self always eager to see 
next episode.Because they are different and new to us.
Like Game of Thrones,Supernatural and Prison Break.

Any way,i was talking about Ramayana.As I told some 
people really believe in Ramayana and themselves,so 
they got an idea and they made it.Deepak Chopra and 
Shekhar Kapur presented Ramayana:3392 AD,the new story 
of Ramayana in comic format.Its like introducing new 
Superhero,whose name is already on the heart of indians
,who is ray of hope for us and now new hero who defeats 
evil like batman and superman.

Although this is done in 2006 to 2008,i 
came to know about it now.I really appreciate 
them.Check it out 
you will love it.

Here is link for first volume:Click Here

you can download and read for free.if you cant download,
just sign up for free.

PS:Its comic.Not novel.so less reading and more images.
so see it once because I know we are lazy for 

May God bless all.Jai Shri Ram...

Some Of My Creations….

12 Jul

Here are some of my creations,while i was alone and missing someone….

Tu Fari Zagde….
Mane thayu k tu fari km mari sathe n zagde?

Km fari tu pahela ni jm varsi n pade?

Tu fari ruthe,hu fari manau,

Mari darek koshisho ne tu nakam banave,

Aa prem ni aswikruti ne maru man barabar pichane….


Fari km tu mari sathe vaat n kare?

Hoth na abola lai ne aankh ne bolave,

Lagni na aa mitha vahen ne ,

Fari km tarsya dil sudhi pahochade?


Kai jarur nathi,Mane n samjav,Raheve de.

Em kahi fri tu taro haq km n jatave?

Prem na mitha rasthal karta gussa na nasila jam n pirse,


Fari tu kai bolej nai?

Aekli aekli km dur n jati rahe?

Em j tane thai ke tu have sahan nai kare..

Have ek pan vaar nai kau tane em kahi ne,

Roj karta vadhare vakhat n bolave,


Mare kai jarur tanthi,

Aam ne aam mane tu varamvaar satave,

Bas tu ek vakhat fari zagde,


Mari jindagi ni aa nakdi kavita ma,

Fari tu km n tahuke?


Mara hraday ne em k jo tu zagde,

Dhabkta dhabkata ae to n rade…

Vaheta dil thi,sukata aankho ma,

Zaherila aansu ne kon roke?


Hasto aa chahero dubi rahyo che andhkar ma,

Tu mane ek nanu su prakshbindu n ape?

Tari aju aa jindgi em ne em j,

Jo tu be bund prem ni pivdave,

Chiri hraday ugi nikdeli prem ni kantadi vel ne…….

What i did when i got year back?

12 Jul

What I did when I got year back?
(Back to Ganthiya-Sambharo-Chatni from Ganthiya-Kadhi)
“The night is darkest when it is going to over;
The rain roars heaviest when season is about to finish;
In the same way;
If any thing wrong is on its peak power it is going to end;”

This is very third class translation of one Sanskrit chant which my friend used to say, quite well. You know what when my result announced and I heard that I just awarded year back and I will have one more year of imprisonment of this nirma jail, it was very hard(Even my paper was so bad that I was sure about this).The lunch of that day was taste less.

But let it be, whatever…………………..

The cheezyyyyy white thing……………….

On 12-2-10 I just left my flat for nirma,it was 8 am and I was not at all in hurry. When I reached at elevator and opened the door, I seen that the door of the flat which is exactly opposite of my flat so being opened .A girl came out, No need to say that I waited for her. She came inside and I closed the doors. The fragrance of some perfume was touching to my nose.

Oh god!!!It was the experience such that you need to be here to feel it, and surely one should be man with enough testosterone.Ya….God listened me, when she came she might thought I will press the button for ground floor and I had little delay as I was seeing her..God pressed button, from tenth floor.ya someone from tenth floor called elevator and I rushed to stop button but thank god again it was not working.

I smiled to her and she smiled back,

Her height might be 4.11” or 5.00”.The god of age 8 came in. The boy who pressed the button from tenth floor. He looked at both of us and again lost in his music player. I woke up and found that I reached 10th floor and I still have long journey, I hurried. Still I am at the eyes.

But no journey is easy. Troubles are there in each and every corner of the world. I just came down and finish!!!!!I got stuck on a mole near by he lips. God is best artist. I never thought a mole can be such attractive. It was very skilfully placed on her right side, just little far from starting of lips and down side of her white cheesy cheek. She must be some great soul from older era when people are blessed with different powers. I was unable to move a nanosemi from that place. A perfect tiny elliptical thing….

if you are very skilful in kissing only than you can do it.I am not master neither I have kissed lots of lips but some how I have confident about the art of kissing. You can challenge me if you are girl…

But I am not luckiest guy on this earth. Ground floor came very fast. There are many great builders in this city. Why don t they make 100 or 150 story building.

On that evening when I talked about her with my roommate. He told me that here name is Jahnvi.Next day again I was there at exactly 8 am. But she didn’t came.whatever but I have decided if ever I will meet her again I will start from her chin,

Chal aje prem prem ramiae,

12 Jul

Chal prem prem ramiae

Chal aje prem prem ramiae,

Laagni ao na wahen ma jara aem j kudi jai ae,

khote khotu apde aa dil ne chetri lai ae,

chahyu hase koi patangiya ae koi ful ne,

ke pachi radyu hase koi pan tuti ne,

aaje sathe besi ne thodi khushi chori lai ae,

ugta suraj ni paheli kiran ne aje dil ma utari lai ae,

gulab ni pankhdi ma bajeli zakad ni bund ne,

aje tara hotho par lagaavi lai ae,

Chal aje prem prem ramiae,


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