What are the ten web-sites in India one should visit daily?

Answer by Vasundhara Tadkalkar: What are the ten web-sites in India one should visit daily?

1. Quora
Not that you need encouragement—it’s the one of the most popular sites on the Internet. Plus there is bonus! you are not wasting your time. You are just adding piles of information to your storage. Fun, isn’t it?

2. Reuters
If you’re looking for sober, unbiased news coverage that’s less infotainment, less political activism, and more pure journalism, then the international news agency with 160 years of history as the world’s most respected wire service is probably your best choice. Established in London in 1851 to provide financial market data, Reuters built a reputation as the first to report international news scoops, including news of Abraham Lincoln’s assassination. Reuters online is multi-lingual, employs thousands of reporters, and hits all the highlights without the fluff. It’s like normal news, except for grownups.

3. Pinterest
Pinterest is a bit like Hotel California: “you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave”—it’s that consuming. On the social pinboard site you “pin” images from around the Web to your categorized boards, and others can then repin your pics. It’s a way to collect your thoughts, bookmark recipes and tips, or just get inspired. If you’re not already pinning, check out how you can get started.

4. Lifehacker
Your life needs some hacking and this Gawker site has the low-down on how to do it. While there’s a lot of emphasis on improving your digital well-being, there are also plenty of other worthwhile tips and tricks to be found for bettering your life overall, in areas such as food, creativity, work, and travel, to name a few.

5. The Verge
Former Engadget Editor-in-Chief Joshua Topolsky launched The Verge to be an accessible technology site, but one with longer, in-depth features and reviews where the design is as important as the writing. Mission accomplished. The Verge may not have the most traffic among gadget blogs (yet) but it’s definitely got the buzz; it even won five Webby Awards last year. The site now also features The Verge Video, with regular video updates about the gadget world.

6. Slate.com
One of the very first online magazines alongside Salon, Slate’s come a long way from the days when it was owned by Microsoft. In its 17 years the online magazine has covered or argued about everything you can imagine in politics, tech, business, art, and life. It couldn’t make paid subscriptions work but succeeded in podcasts, and became an award winner at the National Magazine Awards in 2011.

7. CollegeHumor
Perhaps you wish you could relive your college glory days—the good times when everything was a riot. Luckily there’s plenty of that fun to be had at this comedy site, home of some of the most consistently hilarious sketches and series of today. Most of the time they are NSFW (not safe for work), so check it out before the boss gets in.

8. Twitter
There was a time when only a handful of the PCMag staffers had Twitter accounts. Now Twitter is a full-time companion for just about everyone here, and you’re probably no exception. Even if you don’t tweet anything yourself, it’s the best place to read breaking news from media outlets, pithy comments from celebs and comics, and some solid lunch longreads. In fact, if you follow your favorite sites on Twitter you probably don’t need to store them in your bookmarks bar.

9. Consumerist
When a tech product is flawed or an online service doesn’t work like it should, you’ll read about it in PCMag’s review. But when customer service reps refuse to listen to your cable troubles or restaurants are overcharging for their meals, you’ll read about it on The Consumerist. Now owned by Consumer Reports, it’s updated throughout the day and is chock-full of useful shopper information.

Last but not least, keep update of whats going on in market. Who wouldn’t want to save a handful!

Edit: Here are some fun things you can do on internet

1. Make some sick beats at Patatap
They even have matching visuals to complement the sounds. Jam out with your friends for a guaranteed good time!

Source – howcast

2. Learn any course you can imagine at Coursera
Learn from literally thousands of options, a lot of which are free. Knowledge is power after all, especially unnecessary knowledge!

Source – dogster

3. Read hilarious online comics like Dr. Mc Ninja
Or go on to comic prospector and find something else you like (But if you don’t like Dr.McNinja then you suck)

Source – cloudfront

4. Photoshop pictures online using Pixlr
No need to sign up or anything, just go on and manipulate your photos and make your friends look fat. It’s a classic!

Source – filecluster

5. Play hi quality games at BigPoint
Just make sure you have an unlimited internet plan, otherwise you’re screwed.

Source – gamesnips

6. Send files upto 1GB for free from Pando
That’s HUGE!

Source – betanews

7. Learn how to make pretty much anything at VideoJug
Learn to make cool cakes or candles or dirty toys or whatever.

Source – onelittleproject

8. Learn to read body language and detect lies at Blifaloo
There’s no sure shot way to tell if a person is lying, but you can always pretend that there is and get them to tell the truth anyway!

Source – salon

9. Get free tech support at Techguy
If you’re having problems with your computer, this free volunteer site will sort you out. Forget your stupid computer guy who only shows up when you’re not at home!

Source – zen cart

10. Find free wifi spots worldwide at WifiFreeSpot
It even lists some clinics in Delhi with free Wi-Fi! Now I can just pretend to have a migraine and get free internet woohoo!

Source – politic365

11. Send an anonymous email with 10MinuteMail
The email address disappears after ten seconds, so you go scot-free while your nemesis finally accepts that you are the better human.

Source – timeninja

12. Learn any language in the world at Duolingo
With a little patience, you can be spewing French pickup lines and Spanish cuss words interchangeably. Very useful.

Source – valuewalk

13. Watch from hundreds of documentaries atDocumentaryHeaven
It’s got Kubrick on the home page, which basically convinced me that this site is legit. They’ve got loads of free documentaries ripe for the picking!

Source – planocritico

14. Learn killer magic tricks at GoodTricks
Everybody loves magic, so if you want to be the next David Blaine (Do you really?), then head on over here and start levitating or whatever.

Source – megnetudeconsulting

15. Torrent websites for everything else!
Just don’t download anything illegal! *smirk*

Source – betanews
Get off Facebook and go do something useful!

As Aryaman suggested,
You can visit 9GAG which has the best funny pics, GIFs, videos, memes, cute, wtf, geeky, cosplay photos on the web. 9GAG is your best source of fun.

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Arpit bhati suggested some channels on you tube- Vsause, Numberphile, Minutephysics, CGP Grey. Hope you like it.

Rahul Gupta suggested Howstuffworks, well how could I have forgotten it.
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Some of the above are from schoopwhoop, another awesome site to visit!
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What are the ten web-sites in India one should visit daily?


SEBI for StartUps

Source: https://i0.wp.com/i.ndtvimg.com/i/2013-01/41358407281_625x300.jpg

In a move to help entrepreneurs and create more jobs Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) decided to make change in disclosure norms. These are the norms which requires you to disclose all the information which may effect investors decision. This will help startups to raise fund and grow faster.

The most common problem for startups is funding. The move to ease norms may bring the light to the path to achieve funding goals and may drive the success of the startup companies, which can create more jobs and bring economy to the new levels.

The new norms eased relaxations for the companies which works in the areas of IT, data analytics, intellectual property, bio-technology or nano-technology related areas. This will help the companies to get listed on separate Institutional Trading Platform. This is specialised platform designed for SMEs. You can read about them here.

SEBI opened this for institutional investors and HNI(High Networth Individuals), as want to safeguard investors against higher risk of investment in this case. Under the new platform the promoter holding is locked for only six years while in case of main platform it is three years. Startus may not disclose how they will use the fund or other details like group of companis , litigation. The minimum investment lot is 10 lac , as sebi want only big players to invest. Later startup can graduate to main platform and small investors can invest also.

The idea is simple. Create a new platform for new entities and ease the norms which are implemented in general. Once new entity is mature enough, one can move on. There are also norms for delisting and exiting.

I created this small article in layman language so everybody can understand. I would suggets you can head over to following links for more specific insights.


Which is the best city in India to settle and why?

Gandhinagar: Why you should move here?

Answer by Ajeet Panigrahi:

Well before I answer this question, I would like to say that I lived in many different cities including Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata , Chennai, Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Patna, Pathankot, Kochi, Nashik, Lonavala, Nicobar, Bhubaneshwar, etc.

But the city I liked the most and one of the city where anyone can live a peaceful and uninterrupted life goes like this:

1. The city is Planned, in a damn good way. It was planned by HK Mewada and Prakash M Apte, who worked as trainees under Legendary Architect Le Corbusier, the architect who designed Chandigarh. The plan somewhat looks like this.

(Image source:  Page on indiatravelite.com )

2. Some one said about Greenery. This is the Greenest City in Asia with 54% forest cover of its total area. For instance, a normal city has 150 Trees per 100 persons, but this city has more than 400 trees per 100 which is very high.

​( Image Source: www.swastikrealbiz.com)

3. Has a market place in every 1 Sq. Km where one can find all the basic daily needs.
4. Has got garden in every sector where people spend time with families.
Few of the Gardens are so well made that they do attract lots of people from outside.

​( Image Source: www.omnilexica.com)

5. The normal view of a road is like this. Its not a Highway, but only a Sector Road.

​( Image Source: epaper.timesofindia.com)

6. Temples! There is Akshar Dham, Gandhi Mandir, and many small temples in each sector.

​(Image Source: www.travelguru.com)

7. Has got very less traffic. A busy day somewhat looks like this.

​( Image source: Xossip)

8. Pollution, naah, I couldn’t find any.

9. And the best part are the people. Gujjus are the best and one of the least violent people in entire country. Ther are always Maja Ma Che.

10.Mahatma Mandir..
Don’t be surprised, its not airport..

​(Image source: swapnasrushtiwaterpark.com)

11.These kind of pedestrians

​And you can roam anywhere anytime without fears.!!!pretty safe.
(Image Source : katiraconstruction.com)

12.Celebrations (Navratri)

​(Image Source: www.gandhinagarportal.com)

13. Water show

(Image source: www.swaminarayan.org)​

14. IT Parks (TCS Builiding) Many such buildings are coming up. Also to mention the first smartcity of India, GIFT City is also coming up.

​( Image Source: www.snehalshaharchitect.com )

15. This is how intersections/circles look like. There are many like these in Gandhinagar. They are just like mini parks built in between the roads.

(Image source: Google Images)

16. And to all the Non Vegetarians out there, resist this if you can. For your information, that is completely vegetarian. (I am saying it being a non vegetarian).

(Image source: Google Images)

There are many more things I can say but need to leave office.
And Yes the city is GANDHINAGAR, Capital of Gujarat.

Some things which I couldn’t add due to time constraints, added by Mithil Leua.
Edit 1: Sources added.
Edit 2: Some details of Interchanges and Food added.

Which is the best city in India to settle and why?

Why is Narendra Modi failing as a PM?

Answer by Praseed Sahu:

A hypothetical scenario: Narendra bhai is the teacher of a child whose name is India and Xi Xinping is the teacher of a child named China. Once Xi come’s to Modi’s house for snacks. He sees India studying hard from a maths book. Interested Xi calls India to him and asks,” What are you studying? The kid quickly replies, “Multiplication of two single digit  numbers.”
“That’s interesting”, replied Xi. “For how long have you been studying it?” Xi quizzed further. “Ummmm, for around 68 years” replied the kid.
“Cool, then you must be knowing a lot about multiplication, right??”
“Yes…..”, came a nervous reply from the boy.
“OK, then tell me what 5*5 is?”
“34”, came the reply.
After hearing the reply Narendra goes and pats on his back and gifts him a chocolate.
Seeing this Xi gets confused and asks Narendra,” Hey, that kid just gave a wrong answer and you are appreciating him.”
Narendra calmly replied “A year ago before I started teaching him he was replying 473, now he has arrived at 34, see? he is getting closer, in a few years he will give the correct answer”.

That is exactly what our PM Shri Narendra Damodardas Modi is doing. Can you imagine the deep shit the country was in before he assumed the position he is in? He is a master strategist and a shrewd politician. These two skills are what is desperately required in the leader of our country. Lets see what he has done so far.

1. One ring to rule them all. He is the supreme leader. He has done justice to the words Prime Minister. See that word Prime? No other leader in the country has commanded the reigns of general administration in our country like this man. The big four, Home, Finance, Defense,  and Foreign Affairs directly report to him. Without his approval not a bird can land in the premises of central secretariat. The secretaries of the various ministries instead of reporting to their respective ministers report to him more often. The way he has trained the bureaucracy to take decisions is really praiseworthy. During crisis like Yemen insurgency and Nepal earthquakes the officers took lightning fast decision to handle the crisis. In short he has given hope to the people of this nation that their elected leader can be trusted.

2. His team is like the Avengers type. The worst partnership that India had was of Manmohan Singh as PM and Pratibha Patil as President. A toothless PM with a woman who had no respect for the post. The Executive branch of the Indian Government was in shambles. But NaMo’s team consists of Arun Jaitley, Sushma Swaraj, Manohar Parikar, Suresh Prabhu, Rajnath Singh. Each of them are stalwarts in their respective fields and have a distinct flavor of their own. It’s like the Avengers with NaMo as Captain America. he is the first leader who has shunned nepotism and appointed worthy people to lead various ministries.

3. Image of the country in the world.

This is what he unveiled in Germany when he was there for bilateral meetings. He has visited nearly 18 foreign trips. He has become the brand ambassador of our country. Who better to be this than the PM?
Wherever he goes he advertises the potential of our country in terms of demographic dividend, resources we have, the friendliness of the government, opportunities for all etc. His visits to the countries have promised around 100 billion dollars investment.

4. He has engaged the Indian diaspora in the world and promised them that he will make a India of their dreams.

This is what Madison Square looked like when he was giving a speech. The type of confidence he is installing in them is what is required after 10 years of shit rule. On his suggestion UN adopted the International Yoga Day quickly after the proposal was moved.

5. The out of box schemes he has planned for the people of this nation

  • Make In India: Will create crores of jobs, increase exports, boost our  manufacturing sector, defense industry will be biggest beneficiary of it
  • Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao: Will go a long way in improving the  condition of  girls
  • Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana: provides insurance cover at 5  paise  per day
  • GST Bill: One tax to replace all others, will go a long way in improving  the  economy
  • Skill India: To train the youth of the country and reap the benefits of  the young age population
  •   PM Jan Dhan Yojana:  Has increased financial inclusion like never   before,  around 16 crore bank accounts opened so far in a few months,   also  awarded Guinness record
  • Swachh Bharat: He has promised that he will provide a clean and green India in a couple of years.

6. The free hand he has provided to the army to maintain our sovereignty

‘We don’t think twice before pulling the trigger… We know Delhi is with us’: BSF commander

Concluding I would like to say that all these ideas need time to show results. That old guy hardly sleeps for 3 hours and is constantly working hard so that he can build an India of which Indian’s have dreamt for long. Saying that he has failed as a PM is utmost disgrace to the most honest and hardworking leader our country has ever seen. As I write this answer on Quora I remenber something he said at Madisson Square garden



Why is Narendra Modi failing as a PM?

What are some things that make Indians feel proud?

Answer by Prashanth Laxman:

Holding an Indian passport in Yemen had more value that holding an American passport.
America remained almost oblivious and did nothing to protect its citizens in Yemen when there is continuing fighting between the Shia Houthi rebels and the Saudi Arabia-led coalition of 10 nations. Furthermore, Jamal al-Labani, a 45-year-old US citizen had hoped to bring his pregnant wife and 2-year-daughter back to the United States from war-torn Yemen. The 45-year-old al-Labani was on his way back from mosque prayers when he was hit in the back by shrapnel from a mortar shell. He died minutes later.

The picture of the US citizen and his two-year-old daughter.
This is US State Department travel advisory:

The level of instability and ongoing threats in Yemen remain severe. There are no plans for a U.S. government-coordinated evacuation of U.S. citizens at this time. We encourage all U.S. citizens to shelter in a secure location until they are able to depart safely. U.S. citizens wishing to depart should do so via commercial transportation options when they become available. Keep vital records and travel documents close at hand; U.S. citizens should be prepared to depart at a moment’s notice. The airports are currently closed, but may open unexpectedly; other unforeseen opportunities to depart may also suddenly arise.  Additionally, some foreign governments may arrange transportation for their nationals and may be willing to offer assistance to others. There is no guarantee that foreign governments will assist U.S. citizens in leaving Yemen. U.S. citizens who choose to seek foreign government assistance in leaving Yemen should only do so if they can safely make their way to the point of embarkation and have received confirmation that there is space available. Even if assured there is space aboard transportation, U.S. citizens should be aware that there is no guarantee that they will be permitted to board the transport, or may have to wait an indefinite period until they can do so. There is also no guarantee of where travelers will go.

India on the other hand had a challenging task. There were over 3000 Indian citizens more than the number of US citizens in Yemen. PM Narendra Modi personally spoke to Saudi King Salman, New Delhi was allowed a 3-4 hour window during which its planes flew into Yemeni airspace to pick up evacuees from Sana. Ex Army General VK Singh personally went to Yemen to oversee the operation.

Courtesy: Zee media
Moreover, Kerala Government is giving Rs.2000/- to each passenger arriving in Kochi. Maharashtra Government is giving Rs.3,000/- to each passenger arriving in Mumbai. Indian Railways are providing all hospitality and confirmed tickets free of charge for onward journey to their home

Courtesy: The Economic Times

Operation code named Operation Raahat, haven’t gone unnoticed. As on April 6, 23 countries have requested Indian assistance in evacuating their citizens in Yemen.

Some of the Indian nationals’ passports were held by their employers. Indian embassy intervened and got back their passport as well.

Read more at:
How Narendra Modi government rescued 3,500 Indians from war zone Yemen – The Economic Times

What are some things that make Indians feel proud?

Do Batman-The Dark Knight can go to jungle and just keep walking or do our spidy(The Amazing Spiderman) can fight with apes or do any Avenger or X-Man has stone that can float or swim?

Batman vs Superman
This is not my time pass article.I really appreciate 
Deepak Chopra and Shekhar Kapur.Why?Read ahead,
you too will.

Like most of us, When I opened my eyes first time on 
this world,when I was just some days old first thing I 
seen in front of me is TV.I raised with ZEE and Sony 
tv and now I like VH1 and other music channels most.
Again like most of us,i am die hard fan of Hollywood 
and waiting for Dark Night rises since a year.


So whats new in this?One more similarity between 
you and me. I never read whole Ramayana or Mahabharata,
although I have heard lots of stories from it but never
read full. As we all know Ramayana is great story,
for this small talk,lets put spiritual values aside,
still its great.It has ability to compete the world.
many people found it and tried to present it in front 
of the world in their own way.

Today is world of Super Heros.All Batman,Spiderman 
and Man of steel-Superman around us.Also if you are 
lucky to get your hands on some seasons
(Like “serials” we have here,Kyu ke saas and kahani 
ghar ghar ki 
etc...) which are aired on European and American tv 
channels,you will find your self always eager to see 
next episode.Because they are different and new to us.
Like Game of Thrones,Supernatural and Prison Break.

Any way,i was talking about Ramayana.As I told some 
people really believe in Ramayana and themselves,so 
they got an idea and they made it.Deepak Chopra and 
Shekhar Kapur presented Ramayana:3392 AD,the new story 
of Ramayana in comic format.Its like introducing new 
Superhero,whose name is already on the heart of indians
,who is ray of hope for us and now new hero who defeats 
evil like batman and superman.

Although this is done in 2006 to 2008,i 
came to know about it now.I really appreciate 
them.Check it out 
you will love it.

Here is link for first volume:Click Here

you can download and read for free.if you cant download,
just sign up for free.

PS:Its comic.Not novel.so less reading and more images.
so see it once because I know we are lazy for 

May God bless all.Jai Shri Ram...

Some Of My Creations….

Here are some of my creations,while i was alone and missing someone….

Tu Fari Zagde….
Mane thayu k tu fari km mari sathe n zagde?

Km fari tu pahela ni jm varsi n pade?

Tu fari ruthe,hu fari manau,

Mari darek koshisho ne tu nakam banave,

Aa prem ni aswikruti ne maru man barabar pichane….


Fari km tu mari sathe vaat n kare?

Hoth na abola lai ne aankh ne bolave,

Lagni na aa mitha vahen ne ,

Fari km tarsya dil sudhi pahochade?


Kai jarur nathi,Mane n samjav,Raheve de.

Em kahi fri tu taro haq km n jatave?

Prem na mitha rasthal karta gussa na nasila jam n pirse,


Fari tu kai bolej nai?

Aekli aekli km dur n jati rahe?

Em j tane thai ke tu have sahan nai kare..

Have ek pan vaar nai kau tane em kahi ne,

Roj karta vadhare vakhat n bolave,


Mare kai jarur tanthi,

Aam ne aam mane tu varamvaar satave,

Bas tu ek vakhat fari zagde,


Mari jindagi ni aa nakdi kavita ma,

Fari tu km n tahuke?


Mara hraday ne em k jo tu zagde,

Dhabkta dhabkata ae to n rade…

Vaheta dil thi,sukata aankho ma,

Zaherila aansu ne kon roke?


Hasto aa chahero dubi rahyo che andhkar ma,

Tu mane ek nanu su prakshbindu n ape?

Tari aju aa jindgi em ne em j,

Jo tu be bund prem ni pivdave,

Chiri hraday ugi nikdeli prem ni kantadi vel ne…….