Some Of My Creations….

Here are some of my creations,while i was alone and missing someone….

Tu Fari Zagde….
Mane thayu k tu fari km mari sathe n zagde?

Km fari tu pahela ni jm varsi n pade?

Tu fari ruthe,hu fari manau,

Mari darek koshisho ne tu nakam banave,

Aa prem ni aswikruti ne maru man barabar pichane….


Fari km tu mari sathe vaat n kare?

Hoth na abola lai ne aankh ne bolave,

Lagni na aa mitha vahen ne ,

Fari km tarsya dil sudhi pahochade?


Kai jarur nathi,Mane n samjav,Raheve de.

Em kahi fri tu taro haq km n jatave?

Prem na mitha rasthal karta gussa na nasila jam n pirse,


Fari tu kai bolej nai?

Aekli aekli km dur n jati rahe?

Em j tane thai ke tu have sahan nai kare..

Have ek pan vaar nai kau tane em kahi ne,

Roj karta vadhare vakhat n bolave,


Mare kai jarur tanthi,

Aam ne aam mane tu varamvaar satave,

Bas tu ek vakhat fari zagde,


Mari jindagi ni aa nakdi kavita ma,

Fari tu km n tahuke?


Mara hraday ne em k jo tu zagde,

Dhabkta dhabkata ae to n rade…

Vaheta dil thi,sukata aankho ma,

Zaherila aansu ne kon roke?


Hasto aa chahero dubi rahyo che andhkar ma,

Tu mane ek nanu su prakshbindu n ape?

Tari aju aa jindgi em ne em j,

Jo tu be bund prem ni pivdave,

Chiri hraday ugi nikdeli prem ni kantadi vel ne…….


What i did when i got year back?

What I did when I got year back?
(Back to Ganthiya-Sambharo-Chatni from Ganthiya-Kadhi)
“The night is darkest when it is going to over;
The rain roars heaviest when season is about to finish;
In the same way;
If any thing wrong is on its peak power it is going to end;”

This is very third class translation of one Sanskrit chant which my friend used to say, quite well. You know what when my result announced and I heard that I just awarded year back and I will have one more year of imprisonment of this nirma jail, it was very hard(Even my paper was so bad that I was sure about this).The lunch of that day was taste less.

But let it be, whatever…………………..

The cheezyyyyy white thing……………….

On 12-2-10 I just left my flat for nirma,it was 8 am and I was not at all in hurry. When I reached at elevator and opened the door, I seen that the door of the flat which is exactly opposite of my flat so being opened .A girl came out, No need to say that I waited for her. She came inside and I closed the doors. The fragrance of some perfume was touching to my nose.

Oh god!!!It was the experience such that you need to be here to feel it, and surely one should be man with enough testosterone.Ya….God listened me, when she came she might thought I will press the button for ground floor and I had little delay as I was seeing her..God pressed button, from tenth floor.ya someone from tenth floor called elevator and I rushed to stop button but thank god again it was not working.

I smiled to her and she smiled back,

Her height might be 4.11” or 5.00”.The god of age 8 came in. The boy who pressed the button from tenth floor. He looked at both of us and again lost in his music player. I woke up and found that I reached 10th floor and I still have long journey, I hurried. Still I am at the eyes.

But no journey is easy. Troubles are there in each and every corner of the world. I just came down and finish!!!!!I got stuck on a mole near by he lips. God is best artist. I never thought a mole can be such attractive. It was very skilfully placed on her right side, just little far from starting of lips and down side of her white cheesy cheek. She must be some great soul from older era when people are blessed with different powers. I was unable to move a nanosemi from that place. A perfect tiny elliptical thing….

if you are very skilful in kissing only than you can do it.I am not master neither I have kissed lots of lips but some how I have confident about the art of kissing. You can challenge me if you are girl…

But I am not luckiest guy on this earth. Ground floor came very fast. There are many great builders in this city. Why don t they make 100 or 150 story building.

On that evening when I talked about her with my roommate. He told me that here name is Jahnvi.Next day again I was there at exactly 8 am. But she didn’t came.whatever but I have decided if ever I will meet her again I will start from her chin,

Chal aje prem prem ramiae,

Chal prem prem ramiae

Chal aje prem prem ramiae,

Laagni ao na wahen ma jara aem j kudi jai ae,

khote khotu apde aa dil ne chetri lai ae,

chahyu hase koi patangiya ae koi ful ne,

ke pachi radyu hase koi pan tuti ne,

aaje sathe besi ne thodi khushi chori lai ae,

ugta suraj ni paheli kiran ne aje dil ma utari lai ae,

gulab ni pankhdi ma bajeli zakad ni bund ne,

aje tara hotho par lagaavi lai ae,

Chal aje prem prem ramiae,

Some small creations came from the wave of feelings……

Saturday, July 17, 2010



Chal dost bhangela arman lai le…

Satha tutel dil no tukdo bandhi le…

Jata rahiae swapna na khndher ma…

Jara vadhela aansu to sachvi le…

Jara pase to aav aaj tane thodo gulal udadu…

Prem thi bhareli pichkari ae bhinjvu…

Jindgi na rango ne aje chodi,

Chal tane vahalap na range ramadu…

Zameen ma vavelo ae nano chod uge n uge kene khabar,

Prem thi lambave lo hath koi pakdse ke kapse kene khabar,

Mitha pani ma lajvatu gulab patthar par ugse kene khabar,

Mane thayu ke laav prem na be bund tane udadi jou,

kyak vrundavan ugi nikde kene khabar,

kon kahe 6e suraj thi j aankho anjay 6e,

madhrate j chandani pathray 6e,

khushbu kia gulab mathi j thodi ave 6e,

taras kai pani thi j thodi 6ipay 6e,

aa be sabdo thi j thoda kai aapna hotho parkhay 6e,

aene to againt GAURAV kurbaan thai 6e..

My girl-friend`s wedding card

posted on my blogger on Thursday, November 11, 2010

->She is my friend who is girl, That`s why hyphen is inserted between girl and friend.

->You must be 18+ to read following article.

->Following article is fiction and its co incidence, if you found it relating with any living or dead.

“Hey bro it’s for you……”

I was having fun with movies, which my friend just gave me. Some idiot looking creatures were running behind goldish stupid ring. All these were continue since last two parts and supposed to be end in third one. (The movie was lord of rings…).Although I was having some fun…

“Hey bro it’s for you……”

My sis shouted again. (Sis stands for sister. This learnt in my so called top ranked university.)

Finally I looked up, it was wedding card. I said what’s wrong with you; put it on table I will see it later. She came in somewhat angry mood n throw it on my lappy`s keyboard (Again its lappy for laptop.)

I read name on the covers of the card, although I was “warned” before three years and since last many months I was preparing for this…Still it makes lot difference, to think and to actually be in that situation.

Once again looked at names on it, and then seen the back side, As far as I know, in this whole word no one writes anything on the back side of wedding card`s cover. Than the horrible thought came is I should open it, or I must open it. I was feeling like I was holding a box of Gillette’s 7`O clock blades and when I will open it, one might cut my hands.

Finally I opened it up. Two leaves came out, on one I was heartly invited, on other there was schedule of wedding, my habitual eyes found time of lunch, but this time I was not interested at all. I put it down, thought once to continue my movie, but somehow I had lost interest. In the mirror in front of me my image can be seen, and it was looking like I was feeling something which is not defined anywhere.

(This part is not fiction…)

/* Wounds of blades can be healed, if you are lucky like me, all your sorrows get dissolved when you are with your friends, partners till you reach at the gate of hell. You never get such friends. On one nice moment god looks at you and bless you with such a nice friend. I am that lucky one. */

I have one other such “girl-friend” (See warning please…)

Who is busy at home right now….

Much time I make joke that she is looking like moon, and many times I really miss her when I see the moon….

(Warning for being 18+ is publicity stunt; as everybody does in their own way…)