Chal aje prem prem ramiae,

Chal prem prem ramiae

Chal aje prem prem ramiae,

Laagni ao na wahen ma jara aem j kudi jai ae,

khote khotu apde aa dil ne chetri lai ae,

chahyu hase koi patangiya ae koi ful ne,

ke pachi radyu hase koi pan tuti ne,

aaje sathe besi ne thodi khushi chori lai ae,

ugta suraj ni paheli kiran ne aje dil ma utari lai ae,

gulab ni pankhdi ma bajeli zakad ni bund ne,

aje tara hotho par lagaavi lai ae,

Chal aje prem prem ramiae,


Some small creations came from the wave of feelings……

Saturday, July 17, 2010



Chal dost bhangela arman lai le…

Satha tutel dil no tukdo bandhi le…

Jata rahiae swapna na khndher ma…

Jara vadhela aansu to sachvi le…

Jara pase to aav aaj tane thodo gulal udadu…

Prem thi bhareli pichkari ae bhinjvu…

Jindgi na rango ne aje chodi,

Chal tane vahalap na range ramadu…

Zameen ma vavelo ae nano chod uge n uge kene khabar,

Prem thi lambave lo hath koi pakdse ke kapse kene khabar,

Mitha pani ma lajvatu gulab patthar par ugse kene khabar,

Mane thayu ke laav prem na be bund tane udadi jou,

kyak vrundavan ugi nikde kene khabar,

kon kahe 6e suraj thi j aankho anjay 6e,

madhrate j chandani pathray 6e,

khushbu kia gulab mathi j thodi ave 6e,

taras kai pani thi j thodi 6ipay 6e,

aa be sabdo thi j thoda kai aapna hotho parkhay 6e,

aene to againt GAURAV kurbaan thai 6e..

My girl-friend`s wedding card

posted on my blogger on Thursday, November 11, 2010

->She is my friend who is girl, That`s why hyphen is inserted between girl and friend.

->You must be 18+ to read following article.

->Following article is fiction and its co incidence, if you found it relating with any living or dead.

“Hey bro it’s for you……”

I was having fun with movies, which my friend just gave me. Some idiot looking creatures were running behind goldish stupid ring. All these were continue since last two parts and supposed to be end in third one. (The movie was lord of rings…).Although I was having some fun…

“Hey bro it’s for you……”

My sis shouted again. (Sis stands for sister. This learnt in my so called top ranked university.)

Finally I looked up, it was wedding card. I said what’s wrong with you; put it on table I will see it later. She came in somewhat angry mood n throw it on my lappy`s keyboard (Again its lappy for laptop.)

I read name on the covers of the card, although I was “warned” before three years and since last many months I was preparing for this…Still it makes lot difference, to think and to actually be in that situation.

Once again looked at names on it, and then seen the back side, As far as I know, in this whole word no one writes anything on the back side of wedding card`s cover. Than the horrible thought came is I should open it, or I must open it. I was feeling like I was holding a box of Gillette’s 7`O clock blades and when I will open it, one might cut my hands.

Finally I opened it up. Two leaves came out, on one I was heartly invited, on other there was schedule of wedding, my habitual eyes found time of lunch, but this time I was not interested at all. I put it down, thought once to continue my movie, but somehow I had lost interest. In the mirror in front of me my image can be seen, and it was looking like I was feeling something which is not defined anywhere.

(This part is not fiction…)

/* Wounds of blades can be healed, if you are lucky like me, all your sorrows get dissolved when you are with your friends, partners till you reach at the gate of hell. You never get such friends. On one nice moment god looks at you and bless you with such a nice friend. I am that lucky one. */

I have one other such “girl-friend” (See warning please…)

Who is busy at home right now….

Much time I make joke that she is looking like moon, and many times I really miss her when I see the moon….

(Warning for being 18+ is publicity stunt; as everybody does in their own way…)

Internet…Beyond Sex,Porn and all b***jobs….

Hello all…

Its internet that makes this possible.You and me,sharing thoughts,making love n all…(this makin love thing is just for fun…)

I am sitting infront of my laptop since today morning and its 11:16 pm now.still the same situation…

If you are a nerd and started thinking like me that google dont show all what we wanted.there are hidden corners of internet where some pages lies beneath for us.That information we are missing out.then you should read ahead.if you are not thinking like this and by reading all baove started thinking that this guy got made and needs some treatment,eventhough you should read this to prove me wrong.

Let me tell you what happened.All searches in google is performed by special algorithms.That algorithms(web crawlers) visits the pages on internet and saves to google`s when certain page is visited again and again it comes up and up in search results and the pages which are not visited are left behind.So it my possible that some information which were there on that pages are not rechable…

So thats what happens.when you search something like “free video download” and you are looking”special” type of free video,but google shows the sites which are visited again and again.and never know there were best b***job video on 53rd page….!!!

So today i would like to suggest some search engines,who have their own algorithms and may help you to dig more dipper….



This is a most simple search engine.It dont bubble result according to visits or hits.Most simple interface and easy searching.If you are hardcore googler then you will need to time to adjust with this or any other search engine but it pays back..remeber…


WolframAlpha is not the traditional, everyday search engine – it’s way more technical and precise with its results. It’s more of a computational, knowledge engine as they like to put it. It’s great to do math and science, if you’re a student. The search results don’t appear in the form of a page and if you type in your favorite actress’ name, you probably won’t find anything more than some facts, her page and other statistics. It’s a great search engine if you’re looking for specific information. It even tells you how it calculated the information using the keywords within your search term. Most of the search results are also depicted in the form of graphs and shapes, making it really easy to understand. Of course, to really make the best use you’ll have to learn how to use it correctly and there’s plenty of help on that in the form of examples provided by WolframAlpha.


Whats difference between Nokia Corporation and ChaiWala(Road Side teastall owner)?



        I am sure you are here because of the weird title of this blog post!!Anyway i would surely tell you what happened.We indians are known for our loyalty and we dont leave brand so easily.Even today there are places where toothpaste means colgate and buiscuits means Parle G.But what happen to mobile phone means Nokia?

         Nokia entered indian market so early and got early mover advantage.Nokia S60 and S40 devices were the best in market.But Nokia reacted slowly on market change.They had known Apple in US market.They had lost US mobile phone market and still same happened here.They had Symbian and they are the pioneer of smart phone market back in 2002.but when Apple introduced iPhone with full touch screen and app based interface,Nokia responded it slowly.Their Symbian got aged and that age showed when people stared opting smart”touch” phone sthan symbian feature phones.

        Samsung acted smartly.they grabbed what was new and what was successful.That greenhead android changed it all.and whay not!!!Android gives you a can band android the way you want.its flexible like rubber.Nokia should understand that nobody can win by just adding notification bar on top(have you seen Nokia Belle or not?)

        Android had paid off and Windows phone has not(yet…).

       Samsung just mirrored Apple.Craeting a “huge”brand name like Galaxy.People must feel proud when they buy your phone.”i have iPhone”…Same way “i got Galaxy S 2”!!!

Nobody is happy with Nokia now a days.Its like “okay i got a works for me..Nokia…huh….”

     I left my city before 5 years to get my Diploma.When i came back and didnt found a teastall near my home i got surprised!!Because i was seeing that since i crawled out first time out of my home.Later i found that guy got a shop on highway.he is doing same thing.selling tea.but now on high way with decent atmosphere.

    Even that guy knows it…We have to change with time…

    And Nokia is still wondering…Where is my cheese?

    Are you one of the person who is wondering who moved my cheese?

   See here: