Offline Package/Software installation in Ubuntu

Hello there,

You are probably here to see how to install software/package into ubuntu system which is not connected to internet via any mean.Follow the given trick.This applies to any ubuntu with Synaptic installed.


  1. Goto Software Center and search for synaptic.(For first step you need internet.For the rest you can work without internet for life time!!).Its Synaptic Package manager.Install it.
  2. For some older Ubuntu releases,its pre installed.
  3. Once you got Synaptic,you can download all package you want from other pc with internet.Let it be windows system.Synaptic Mark
  4. Now open synaptic package manager.Give your login password,when asked.
  5. Search for package you want to install.Synaptic Search
  6. Mark it,now go to file menu and then select Generate package download script.Synaptic Save
  7. Save this script in some folder.Its advised to save it in new folder with given package name.SynapticGen
  8. Now this script file can be opened in notepad or even download managers like Internet Download manager or Free Download Manager can open it.
  9. Download all packages in the folder which you saved your script.In short all your downloaded packages and that script should be in same folder.
  10. Now get that folder in your ubuntu system.
  11. Open Synaptic,goto file>add downloaded packages.
  12. Select your folder and your packages will be installed.

Some times Synaptic may not show package you want in the search.In this case you have to add repository in synaptic.I am going to write tut for that soon.Remember Google is your friend.


Author: gauravtales

I am Gaurav Chauhan,Computer Engineering graduate from Nirma University,Ahmedabad,Gujarat India.What i like is technology.Whats going on!!! Thats what i keep thinking all the time.So i am searching for current trends and cutting edge technology.This blog is all about technology.From Mobiles to Laptops,From Intel to Qualcomm,ARM and Microsoft,also linux,ubuntu and huh....what not... Keep Visiting Me...

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