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Let me tell you a story.

In the long pas,where kings and queens lived with their horses and armies,there was a common man lived like us in the corner of a city in his not so great house.He had a donkey and that animal was only living thing in his family.(As in all other stories we dont know what the hell happened with other family members and from where did he and his donkey came from.)

So he had donkey.He used to wake up early in the mornings,collect fruits from woods and go out in market to sell it.(Now again dont ask that if he used to sell fruits,which he got for free,why did others not doing same?).Now the rule of the city where he lived was that each vendor in the market has to pay a tax on day to day basis whenever you come inside market for selling your stuff.So this was routine.Wake up,collect fruits,pay tax,sell fruit and come back.

One day unexpected thing happened.He was not allowed to enter the market.He asked why,offered double tax then cried and asked and so on.But he was not allowed to enter in the market.The guards at the gate has very firm orders.NO FRUITS inside market.Somebody said to king that this fruits which are collected from woods are not good and must not be sell into the market.(The king didnt know about Intellectual property law or DMCA and all other crap but still he banned that man!!!)So only “branded” fruits(!) were available in market.

Now for that man something has to be done.He thought,and thought and thought,till many times sun rose from the east and set in the west,he thought.and then he got idea.Next day he woke up on his usual time went into woods and came back at market.this time he was not having fruits.he came riding his he had nothing to sell,he is not supposed to pay tax.went inside market.thats it.Next day same thing happened.He came riding his donkey and he keep coming and on one mighty day when the god`s own day arrived and sun rose from east and about to set in west,he was tired and he had known that its his last time.He wrote this story on a piece of paper.

At that day the the truth came he survived and made money and lived his life fully.He used to wake up,went inside wood and catch a new donkey everyday.then sell it.Come back home and pass the time with his own donkey!!!!


We liked did orkut on some day.Whats this all about.Some people says that its our unsatisfied desires,some says its human nature to look into somebody`s life.But i say its big business.if he is not selling anything then it means he is selling his donkey.If facebook is free,the from where did money come from?Its us(Donkeys????).Its “we” what they sell.What we like,what we share and what thing you can say,nothing is go in terms and conditions for using facebook and you find it all.

That was some thing about facebook.Here i am telling whats beyond it?If its human nature to look into other`s life,its human nature too to get bored.There is google+,there is twitter,but nobody is famous as facebook.They say no one can compete facebook,i say there is no one to take a place if on some day facebook loss its charm.Its huge gap.So there is a space to come inside.If you know coding,start coding today.You might be next youngest billionaire.

But still social networks is the greatest invention,INTERNET ever gave us. Beyond facebook,there are lots social networks out there in net.Check out this link:

This list will help you where you can go,leaving your facebook….

and finally visit here to see what if you think there is more on INTERNET then google shows you…

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I am Gaurav Chauhan,Computer Engineering graduate from Nirma University,Ahmedabad,Gujarat India.What i like is technology.Whats going on!!! Thats what i keep thinking all the time.So i am searching for current trends and cutting edge technology.This blog is all about technology.From Mobiles to Laptops,From Intel to Qualcomm,ARM and Microsoft,also linux,ubuntu and huh....what not... Keep Visiting Me...

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