Do Batman-The Dark Knight can go to jungle and just keep walking or do our spidy(The Amazing Spiderman) can fight with apes or do any Avenger or X-Man has stone that can float or swim?

Batman vs Superman
This is not my time pass article.I really appreciate 
Deepak Chopra and Shekhar Kapur.Why?Read ahead,
you too will.

Like most of us, When I opened my eyes first time on 
this world,when I was just some days old first thing I 
seen in front of me is TV.I raised with ZEE and Sony 
tv and now I like VH1 and other music channels most.
Again like most of us,i am die hard fan of Hollywood 
and waiting for Dark Night rises since a year.


So whats new in this?One more similarity between 
you and me. I never read whole Ramayana or Mahabharata,
although I have heard lots of stories from it but never
read full. As we all know Ramayana is great story,
for this small talk,lets put spiritual values aside,
still its great.It has ability to compete the world.
many people found it and tried to present it in front 
of the world in their own way.

Today is world of Super Heros.All Batman,Spiderman 
and Man of steel-Superman around us.Also if you are 
lucky to get your hands on some seasons
(Like “serials” we have here,Kyu ke saas and kahani 
ghar ghar ki 
etc...) which are aired on European and American tv 
channels,you will find your self always eager to see 
next episode.Because they are different and new to us.
Like Game of Thrones,Supernatural and Prison Break.

Any way,i was talking about Ramayana.As I told some 
people really believe in Ramayana and themselves,so 
they got an idea and they made it.Deepak Chopra and 
Shekhar Kapur presented Ramayana:3392 AD,the new story 
of Ramayana in comic format.Its like introducing new 
Superhero,whose name is already on the heart of indians
,who is ray of hope for us and now new hero who defeats 
evil like batman and superman.

Although this is done in 2006 to 2008,i 
came to know about it now.I really appreciate 
them.Check it out 
you will love it.

Here is link for first volume:Click Here

you can download and read for free.if you cant download,
just sign up for free.

PS:Its comic.Not less reading and more images.
so see it once because I know we are lazy for 

May God bless all.Jai Shri Ram...

Author: gauravtales

I am Gaurav Chauhan,Computer Engineering graduate from Nirma University,Ahmedabad,Gujarat India.What i like is technology.Whats going on!!! Thats what i keep thinking all the time.So i am searching for current trends and cutting edge technology.This blog is all about technology.From Mobiles to Laptops,From Intel to Qualcomm,ARM and Microsoft,also linux,ubuntu and huh....what not... Keep Visiting Me...

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