What i did when i got year back?

What I did when I got year back?
(Back to Ganthiya-Sambharo-Chatni from Ganthiya-Kadhi)
“The night is darkest when it is going to over;
The rain roars heaviest when season is about to finish;
In the same way;
If any thing wrong is on its peak power it is going to end;”

This is very third class translation of one Sanskrit chant which my friend used to say, quite well. You know what when my result announced and I heard that I just awarded year back and I will have one more year of imprisonment of this nirma jail, it was very hard(Even my paper was so bad that I was sure about this).The lunch of that day was taste less.

But let it be, whatever…………………..

The cheezyyyyy white thing……………….

On 12-2-10 I just left my flat for nirma,it was 8 am and I was not at all in hurry. When I reached at elevator and opened the door, I seen that the door of the flat which is exactly opposite of my flat so being opened .A girl came out, No need to say that I waited for her. She came inside and I closed the doors. The fragrance of some perfume was touching to my nose.

Oh god!!!It was the experience such that you need to be here to feel it, and surely one should be man with enough testosterone.Ya….God listened me, when she came she might thought I will press the button for ground floor and I had little delay as I was seeing her..God pressed button, from tenth floor.ya someone from tenth floor called elevator and I rushed to stop button but thank god again it was not working.

I smiled to her and she smiled back,

Her height might be 4.11” or 5.00”.The god of age 8 came in. The boy who pressed the button from tenth floor. He looked at both of us and again lost in his music player. I woke up and found that I reached 10th floor and I still have long journey, I hurried. Still I am at the eyes.

But no journey is easy. Troubles are there in each and every corner of the world. I just came down and finish!!!!!I got stuck on a mole near by he lips. God is best artist. I never thought a mole can be such attractive. It was very skilfully placed on her right side, just little far from starting of lips and down side of her white cheesy cheek. She must be some great soul from older era when people are blessed with different powers. I was unable to move a nanosemi from that place. A perfect tiny elliptical thing….

if you are very skilful in kissing only than you can do it.I am not master neither I have kissed lots of lips but some how I have confident about the art of kissing. You can challenge me if you are girl…

But I am not luckiest guy on this earth. Ground floor came very fast. There are many great builders in this city. Why don t they make 100 or 150 story building.

On that evening when I talked about her with my roommate. He told me that here name is Jahnvi.Next day again I was there at exactly 8 am. But she didn’t came.whatever but I have decided if ever I will meet her again I will start from her chin,


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