Whats difference between Nokia Corporation and ChaiWala(Road Side teastall owner)?



        I am sure you are here because of the weird title of this blog post!!Anyway i would surely tell you what happened.We indians are known for our loyalty and we dont leave brand so easily.Even today there are places where toothpaste means colgate and buiscuits means Parle G.But what happen to mobile phone means Nokia?

         Nokia entered indian market so early and got early mover advantage.Nokia S60 and S40 devices were the best in market.But Nokia reacted slowly on market change.They had known Apple in US market.They had lost US mobile phone market and still same happened here.They had Symbian and they are the pioneer of smart phone market back in 2002.but when Apple introduced iPhone with full touch screen and app based interface,Nokia responded it slowly.Their Symbian got aged and that age showed when people stared opting smart”touch” phone sthan symbian feature phones.

        Samsung acted smartly.they grabbed what was new and what was successful.That greenhead android changed it all.and whay not!!!Android gives you a freedom.you can band android the way you want.its flexible like rubber.Nokia should understand that nobody can win by just adding notification bar on top(have you seen Nokia Belle or not?)

        Android had paid off and Windows phone has not(yet…).

       Samsung just mirrored Apple.Craeting a “huge”brand name like Galaxy.People must feel proud when they buy your phone.”i have iPhone”…Same way “i got Galaxy S 2”!!!

Nobody is happy with Nokia now a days.Its like “okay i got a phone..it works for me..Nokia…huh….”

     I left my city before 5 years to get my Diploma.When i came back and didnt found a teastall near my home i got surprised!!Because i was seeing that since i crawled out first time out of my home.Later i found that guy got a shop on highway.he is doing same thing.selling tea.but now on high way with decent atmosphere.

    Even that guy knows it…We have to change with time…

    And Nokia is still wondering…Where is my cheese?

    Are you one of the person who is wondering who moved my cheese?

   See here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fEH6fvU8i7o


Author: gauravtales

I am Gaurav Chauhan,Computer Engineering graduate from Nirma University,Ahmedabad,Gujarat India.What i like is technology.Whats going on!!! Thats what i keep thinking all the time.So i am searching for current trends and cutting edge technology.This blog is all about technology.From Mobiles to Laptops,From Intel to Qualcomm,ARM and Microsoft,also linux,ubuntu and huh....what not... Keep Visiting Me...

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